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Renewable electricity tariff reduces emissions

Tectonics UK

A family run business founded in 1986 that manufactures and designs temporary and demountable marquis for UK exhibitions and events.

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The problem

Tectonics is a growing company with a growing industry across the UK and with that in mind they are aware that their carbon emissions could be managed more effectively.

However, they needed expert advice to determine just how many changes they could implement to make this a reality. The consultancy aspect that Beyond Procurement provided proved to be invaluable.

This project was fully supported under the Winchester City Council and the LoCASE grant.

Our solution & outcome

Beyond Procurement stepped in to calculate Tectonics emissions across Scopes 1 and 2 and it soon became clear that the company’s highest emitters were their electricity supplies and transportation.

Tectonics was advised to switch to a renewable tariff for their energy consumption. Emission factor for renewable electricity averages 0.046 kgCO2/kWh, as opposed to average non-renewable electricity at 0.2311 kg CO2/kWh. Switching to renewable tariff would reduce emissions by 131.05 tonnes CO2e or 31%.

They were also looking to install LEDs in the near future to account for their energy consumption rates. When it comes to transportation values they may look into purchasing electric vehicles when their current vans come to the end of their life.

They are also implementing various waste saving and sustainability awareness campaigns among staff to ensure their carbon footprint will become lower in the coming years.

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"... It's good having a plan in place for reducing future emissions"

“Reducing our Carbon Footprint and becoming Net Zero is something we are very passionate about at Tectonics UK and Beyond Procurement Ltd have been an invaluable support in us starting on this journey.

The analysis they have done to determine our carbon footprint along with their advice on how we can reduce this has formed the basis of our plans for the future.

As well as reducing our carbon emissions, creating less waste and recycling where possible, we are also looking at ways we can offset part of our emissions through local tree planting initiatives.

We feel confident that with the support of Beyond Procurement, we will achieve our goal to become Net Zero.”

Jake Hadley, Director

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