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Make a positive difference

Here at Beyond Procurement, we’re extending our network of partners.

If you have clients or a network of businesses that are looking to cut costs today, and reduce their environmental impact for the future, then we would like to work with you.

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Benefit the planet and your bottom line

Net Zero and carbon reduction is not going away. Changing climate change legislation, policies, customer and consumer demand, are all driving the need for businesses to take responsibility and reduce greenhouse gasses.

It is not just large organisations that have to change, its every business.

Change and the unknown is fearful and the in most cases seen as being expensive. With respect to Carbon Reduction, Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Credits and Offsetting and it is also confusing. There is a lot of advice, platforms and tools available. However, it can be all rather overwhelming.

Here at Beyond Procurement we provide a carbonCOACH that helps, guides and does the heavy lifting for each business we work with. We are not just a platform to point business at, we are people.

We are there every step of the way to Net Zero. No matter where a business is on their own journey we have the in-house specialists to support and guide.

Whether a small business just starting their journey or a large multinational measuring their complex and diverse supply chain, we are ready to support.

We are a passionate team with 15 years experience and have assisted tens of thousands of businesses across the UK. We clarify the confusion and along with reducing emissions,  we assist businesses on reducing costs and improving operations.

If you would like to provide this level of support to your clients, then let’s discuss how we could work together.

Every client you refer, we’re offering a healthy commission on all new business leads that contract with us.

Help make a positive difference to your clients, the planet and your bottom line.

It’s time to partner with Beyond Procurement.

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From start-ups to large publicly traded companies, we work with managers and directors to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals with services to match your business journey.

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