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ActionCOACH are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Cost and Carbon reduction experts Beyond Procurement – a collaboration designed to revolutionise the way you manage costs and embrace sustainability.

We have made everything very simple to support and grow your business.


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Saving Today, For Tomorrow

Dear valued ActionCOACH client,

ActionCOACH is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Beyond Procurement, a leading expert in cost and carbon reduction with a 16 year history of supporting tens of thousands of businesses across the UK. This collaboration is not just a joining of forces; it’s a commitment to empowering your business with the tools and support to reduce costs and carbon.

As a valued client claim a FREE review of your common overheads – simply upload your bills and send for savings.

Also claim a FREE consultation on how you can become more sustainable and improve operations and image.

We look forward to supporting your business.


Cost Reduction

Utilise the buying power and strategic relationships of the group you can obtain preferential rates today.

The process as simple.

All that is needed is a copy of your most recent Bills, either an electronic copy or take a photo with your phone, and the Beyond Procurement team will undertake a commercial review of your existing contract rates. Identified savings opportunities will be presented in a report. With no obligation to switch, you’ll be provided with the intelligence you need to make an informed decision.

Upload today, any or all of the following:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Telecoms
  • Merchant Fees (Card Machines)
  • Business Water
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Training
  • Waste Management
  • Pest Control

Once it is ensured you are on the best rates with the most sustainable suppliers, the team will then start looking at reducing usage and waste production.


Carbon Reduction

The path to Net Zero can feel daunting, shrouded in complex regulations, hidden costs, and fragmented solutions. Achieving sustainability shouldn’t break the bank or leave you navigating alone. That’s why we have partnered with Beyond Procurement who have designed Beyond2030, the revolutionary low-cost monthly retainer model designed to simplify your journey, every step of the way.

Avoid large upfront costs: Forget exorbitant, upfront fees that cripple your budget before you even begin. Beyond2030 lets you access a comprehensive suite of services for a predictable monthly fee, providing ongoing support continually offset by ongoing savings.

  • Carbon footprinting and reduction strategies:
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Cost reduction opportunities:
  • Resource efficiency upgrades
  • Green procurement strategies:
  • Change management and employee engagement
  • Grant funding and incentive expertise
  • Carbon neutrality certification support:




Cost Reduction

TWO simple steps and THREE pressure free choices:

Step 1: Upload or take a photo of your most recent bills

Step 2: Send to the Beyond Procurement Team

Upon receipt of your savings opportunity report

Choice 1: File

Choice 2: Use the data to renegotiate with your existing supplier

Choice 3: Switch to our supplier and rates


We’d highly recommend. The team enabled us to save considerable amounts on our electricity bills. It takes little time, they are experienced in their field and the team are efficient and helpful. – Robert Taylor, Organiser, Camden Federation of Private Tenants (CFPT)

We are very happy with the £15,000 saving the Beyond team have achieved for us on our merchant fees – Stratford Circus

A £10,000 saving was identified on our merchant fees. Quick and simple process. – Blooms.  Menswear

Beyond Procurement have successful helped us become carbon neutral by working alongside us to help us achieve the most sustainable plan to run our business.
It was important to us to engage and work alongside a company who understand our company’s cultures and values which we found in Beyond procurement. – Deanne Faurie, Suits and Boots

9 Great Reasons to Reduce Cost and Carbon

  • Best Market Rates
  • Group Buying Power
  • Improved Operations
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Win Tenders
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Increase Company Value
  • Improve Brand Image
  • Staff Retention & Pride

Award Winning Procurement Consultancy

Everything we do is centred around reducing cost and carbon from your business and have been awarded the Green Apple Award, Green Ambassador Award and the Sussex Business Award for the various zero to landfill schemes.

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Insights & Guides

Articles, news and events to further guide you on your business journey.

Get started on your net zero journey today

From start-ups to large publicly traded companies, we work with managers and directors to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals with services to match your business journey.

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