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Solar panel installations
Reduce your energy bills by 60-70%!

Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into renewable electricity that can be used to power your business’ daily operations and more…

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To give you an idea, the average solar panel costs approximately £550 each, including installation, generates 350 kW and can reduce your bill by 60 to 70%.

Solar energy systems also require very little maintenance with cleaning only costing approx. £25-35 a year and every 5- 10 years, the inverters need replacing, a simple, straight-forward task.

For more detailed figures on approximate savings, this calculator can be used in the first instance, but a full site visit is required for more accurate figures. These are free of charge and comes with a detailed survey report and site plan.

Solar panel frequently asked questions

How do solar panels work?

A photovoltaics (PV) solar panel consists of a semi conducting cells made of silicone that when light is shone upon them, a flow of electricity is created. In general, each panel can generate around 355W of energy on a sunny day.

A typical system contains at least 15 panels and generate direct current (DC) electricity that is
then converted into alternating current (AC) that can be used by all appliances and lights within your business or exported to a grid.

Where should I place my solar panels?

For maximum electrical output, it is recommended to use a south facing unshaded roof.
However east or west facing roofs will still be considered. North-facing roofs are not
recommended at all due to how the sun rises and sets. A system facing East or West will have a 15-
20% less energy output than those facing directly south.

Although an unshaded roof is recommended for PV solar panel placement, sometimes shade is
unavoidable. By using an optimiser, a PV system can minimise the impact of this shade.

Do I need planning permission to install a solar PV system?

Although solar panels are often considered a “permitted development”, it is suggested you check with your local planning office for guidance, especially so if you have a listed building or are located within a conservation area.

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