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We have created something amazing

The way we deliver cost and carbon reduction projects has changed. The risk of projects not identifying adequate business savings has been removed. The customer journey has been improved. The time to deliver has been shortened.

We have been testing across pilot BIDs and the results are consistent, they are outstanding.

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Minimal risk, Maximum reward

Utilising decades of industry experience, the Cost and Carbon Reduction experts at Beyond Procurement have harnesses the power of advanced software to build an innovative tool delivering unrivaled results for BID members.

At a time when reducing cost and carbon is paramount for every business, we have removed the roadblocks, delivering real cost and carbon reduction results fast and at zero effort to the business.

The outdated way:

Every cost and carbon reduction project to date has relied heavily upon the engagement and provision of bill and contract information from every business. Requesting time poor businesses to undertake activity without assurance of result has always been a roadblock, and a limiting factor to project success.

The new Innovative way:

With our very own intelligent software, we are able to identify cost and carbon savings for businesses remotely.

This means that we come to BID members with real tangible results, not requests. When engaging, building rapport and proving value, this changes everything.

The Guarantee 

To prove the level of confidence we have in our tools and ability we are guaranteeing that for every pound invested with Beyond Procurement we will identify a minimum of twenty pounds of savings for BID member businesses.

The restriction

Due to the speed of deliver and the work involved in generating the cost and carbon savings data, we have to limit the number of BID’s that we work with each month.

Partnering with Beyond Procurement:

  • Real Tangible cost saving identified without the need for bills or contracts.
  • With our Carbon Neutral suppliers we clearly identify carbon saving, supporting businesses in reducing business emissions.
  • Our current turn around time is full results within 30 days
  • Guaranteed £1:£20 return on financial investment
  • Savings are also identified for corporate BID members. Where data can now be provided to their procurement teams.
  • We can review a businesses entire portfolio and log the collective cost and carbon savings against your BID project.
  • We have the ability to identify all registered businesses in your geographic area, this provides invaluable data to the BID and its database.
  • We can include savings for under levy businesses – Helping attract voluntary members (as they will immediately see cost  and carbon saving results)
  • No risk. You don’t pay anything until we have identified the cost and carbon savings.

For more information or to book a meeting with the Beyond Procurement Team, please either email us at or complete the form below.

We look forward to working with you and your members.

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