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Plans in place for a low carbon future

House of Fisher: 100 Kings Road Aparthotel

Founded in 1997, multi award-winning company, House of Fisher is established as the leading owner-operator of aparthotels in the Thames Valley.

This project only focuses on the luxury aparthotel in Reading.

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The problem

House of Fisher needed assistance to analyse their carbon footprint and provide specialist advice on how to make the aparthotel more eco-friendly.

The energy usage for each apartment is decided by the customers who are billed accordingly.

However, they wanted to implement their environmental policy among staff and throughout the building to reduce waste and energy consumption to the most effective level possible.

Our solution & outcome

Supported and funded by Reading BID, Beyond Procurement was brought in to gather data, analyse the companies emissions (Scopes 1 & 2) and create a Strategic Carbon Reduction Report.

This strategy identified that the company already was on a green energy tariff and had implemented many good practices.

However, Beyond Procurement was able to offer advice and supplier contact information for various improvements they wish to carry out in the near future.

These included the installation of solar panels, replacement of plastic miniatures with wall-hanging dispensers and LED light installation.

All would reduce their energy consumption and lower their emissions by up to 104.5 tonnes, reducing the amount of CO2e released on an annual basis by 96.6%.

For further information about House of Fisher and their sustainability journey or to book Thames Valley accommodation directly at the best rate visit or call 01189 514151.

"... Thanks to Reading BID, we were able to work with Beyond Procurement."

“We are really pushing forward with our green agenda and our sustainability policies, so it was great to work with Beyond Procurement to establish our carbon footprint for our flagship aparthotel in, and to get advice on and contacts for further green improvements that we can make in the near future.”
Trine Oestergaard, Managing Director, House of Fisher

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