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Trailblazing a low carbon culture

Culture Mix Arts and Music Centre

Culture Mix Arts is an international music and carnival arts company that has its roots in African-Caribbean culture and art.

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The problem

With a growing cultural influence, the company realised they also had the opportunity to make a difference in their community on several levels.

However, when it came to trying to become Carbon Neutral, they did not have the knowledge or staff to tackle the project on their own.

With Beyond Procurement’s assistance they were able to assess their carbon footprint and implement various strategies to reduce their carbon emissions.

Our solution & outcome

Beyond Procurement was able to provide a complete analysis on their Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Their carbon footprint ended up being exceptionally low (<5 tonnes of CO2) with the majority of their carbon being emitted from energy used in the building.

By switching to a renewable tariff, the company automatically cut their emissions by 50%.

As trailblazers for their community, they can now broadcast that they are well on their way towards carbon neutrality while also spreading awareness about their cultural influence.

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"... an excellent third party consultancy like Beyond Procurement".

“As the leading community arts and cultural centre, it’s important to us that we engage and act in all areas of community life. Although we believed our emissions would be low, it was re-assuring to have that documented by an excellent third party consultancy like Beyond Procurement”.

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