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Lead the way in sustainability

The construction sector is under intense scrutiny with regards to the emissions and waste it produces.

Under this gaze, all companies are being assessed on their sustainability and carbon reduction plans. Work with a company that understands your needs and will assist you every step of the way to ensure you become recognised as a leader in sustainability.

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A clear and robust sustainability strategy

Meeting planet and customer demands

Legislation is changing and greater demands are being placed upon businesses to reduce their emissions. Tenders are increasingly requesting the inclusion of a robust environmental and carbon reduction plan and they are looking for evidence that this plan is being followed, not just spoke about. Large tenders now include this as standard and as such the requirement flows down through the supply chain.

No matter the size or shape of your business, you have to align to the needs of your customers. To win work or remain a sub-contractor it is becoming increasingly important that you have a carbon reduction plan in place and have evidence of emission reduction.

The team at Beyond Procurement have extensive experience of measuring your existing carbon footprint, designing you a reduction strategy, assisting you with implementation and advising on interim carbon offsetting. We also externally audit and certify you and provide you with all the media and copy you need to advertise and promote your commitment to net zero carbon.

We’ll help you grow your business while reducing your emissions.

Carbon Neutral/Net Zero Projects

Along with high-level business carbon reduction strategies, the team at Beyond Procurement will assist you in putting in place carbon neutral or net zero projects. We’ll work with your internal team and supply chain to measure carbon at a project level. We’ll design a project bespoke carbon reduction strategy and support in its implementation and monitoring throughout the entire project or across a range of projects.

Bring in the skills and expertise to take your project reporting and business practices to the forefront of sustainability.

Come talk to the Beyond Procurement team about how we can work together to improve the planet, profits and image.

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From start-ups to large publicly traded companies, we work with managers and directors to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals with services to match your business journey.

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